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Dec 18th -

Skylar Madison
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Skylar Madison - Rating: 0.00
The word has hit the streets! Everyone seems to know!! Our adult bookstore is getting very "cruisy"! Take Skyler Madison, for example. She's a huge slut with an insatiable appetite for "N.S.A" (no strings attached) hook ups. She's known about the gloryholes in this particular store a while now, so when Skyler comes to the store, she dresses like a super slut. Then, she'll "browse" the adult DVD section before heading back to the arcade. But Skyler isn't browsing to buy; she's browsing to show everyone in the store she's down to suck! She did notice the store manager kinda down, and asks him why. "I know what goes on back there, and I'm pissed cause I gotta stay up here and work!" Skyler loves black meat, so she gave him a quick BJ...right in the store!! After she swallows his load, she's back in "the hole", waiting anxiously for another round!! It doesn't take long, and sure enough, soon she's sucking -- and fucking -- again! Another swallow, another perfect day for Skyler Madison!! 1
Dec 18th - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Madison BTS
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Skylar Madison BTS - Rating: 0.00
How does a homeschooled girl eventually find her way into adult video? Enter Skylar Madison. The latest visitor to the gloryhole discusses the pros and cons of her educational background prior to getting into the adult film industry. How did it affect her social life? Skylar then discusses the exact point in her life where her inner-slut shined through. Did she get down and dirty in her civilian life? Skylar Madison talks about how her hometown friends now know about her porn career. And does her ex-boyfriend know that she commands top dollar to suck and fuck on camera? The bathroom interview with Skylar Madison after her interracial gloryhole scene, continues more of the verbal debauchery from earlier. How did she fee about sucking off the clerk at the adult bookstore? Does Skylar have any public sex stories to match the nastiness that she just endured? We end our day with Skylar Madison by finding out her end game when it comes to porn. We have a feeling that she'll be sticking around for quite some time.2
Jul 5th -

Skylar Starr and Deepdicc
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Skylar Starr and Deepdicc - Rating: 8.77
Skyler Star is a black cock slut. He'll perform sexual acts with a black man that he'd never do with his own race. The reason? Size, primarily. We teamed Skyler up with our well-hung stud, Deepdicc. Deep is aptly-named, as his thick, uncut 11-inch dong has destroyed many who have come before Skyler. In fact, when you watch this scene, you'll see the pain Deep inflicts on Skyler's (now-loose) sweet ass. In other words, Skyler walked on set with a tight, pink manpussy and limped off set with a size 11 poopchute. Skyler's wrecked asshole felt the pain that is Deepdicc for weeks after this pounding!3
Dec 29th -

Skylar Star
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Skylar Star - Rating: 9.38
Imagine you're a sex slave -- a gimp for The Black Man -- to be used whenever and however they feel. You're caged like the dog you are, and you look forward to being freed, if only for a short time...and only to be used as a cum dumpster. Deepdicc and his homie, Kidd Brando, keep their doggy in the basement, and they head down a few times a day in order use holes and drop loads. Little white doggy goes by the name Skylar Starr whenever he's free and wandering the streets...which isn't very often. Today Deep and Kidd stretch all of Skylar's little pink holes to their maximum circumference before shooting their loads wherever they see fit. 4
Nov 2nd -

Skylar Green
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Skylar Green - Rating: 6.90
Skylar Green's in the mood to make someone her cuckold: You! The tiny blonde has Jovan Jordan come over for the humiliation session that YOU are about to go through. How bad do you want to see a REAL MAN fuck a white girl? Skylar Green keeps you in your place as she sucks Jovan's mighty black monster. Keep doing as she tells you while her insides get turned inside out by that big black dick. Have you had enough degradation from that interracial couple? We think not. Jovan bends Skylar over for an invasion of his third leg. Have you been playing with that black dildo the entire time as directed by Skylar? How about you clean her up after Jovan creampies her with that gigantic black cock of his? 5
Nov 2nd - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Green BTS
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Skylar Green BTS - Rating: 8.75
We're giving you another close look at the world of adult video. We brought back Skylar Green for another round of some black dick. Fun times.6
Sep 22nd -

Skylar Green
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Skylar Green - Rating: 6.99
Warning: The following scene is not for the squeamish or those with a heart condition. We find Skylar Green hand-in-hand with Moe. They encounter her dad, Mr. Green, as he's on his way to the office. The look back he makes is a clear signal that all isn't right in the Green household. Moe and Skylar get back to her place, where they lock lips....and more. Skylar sucks on Moe's monster as Mr.Green's snooping becomes much more evident with each passing minute. Skylar's old man finally walks in and, well, things take an interesting turn. Instead of heading to the safety of New York, Moe's given approval to continue fucking the snow bunny known as Skylar Green. Mr. Green's grin goes from ear to ear, and the apple of his eye is getting her fill of thug dick. The deviant old man plays coach to Skylar as she continues to get some good,black dickin'. Mr. Green's an eyewitness to the conception of Skylar's black baby. The result of all this is complete access to the endless funds of daddy.7
Sep 22nd - BehindTheScenes

Skylar Green BTS
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Skylar Green BTS - Rating: 9.59
Skylar Green and Moe got really close before and after their scene. Skylar sucked on his monster right after we shot their trailer. Oh, and she got fucked by him in the shower immediately after the scene wrapped.8
Feb 14th -

Skylar Price
Skylar Price Member Comments:
mrfist****: Accept it, slut.
rr7277****: InterracialBlowbang...bring her for one!
portug****: looks like a blonde Vorderman. : D
rr7277****: she needs to be in an interracialblowbang and swallow
alpinl****: This chick has issues. She got a bit wierd with the screaming "say I'm your baby!"
jack12****: great looking whore, love the look on her slut face when she's getting dped
gimpgu****: too much baby talk and not enough hard, deep fucking....
shane6****: Great scene but i wanted to see her on her ass geting dped that way. Get her back and do that next time!
hvitpi****: Great looking girl, but a standard IR-scene. There was hardly any dirty talk about big black dicks etc.
skeeta****: awesome! more anal and more gangbangs!
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Skylar Price - Rating: 9.38
Skylar Price has always depended on the kindness of strangers. A true whore will always try to step up her game and it inevitably ends up with a d.p. Skylar has confined in Rico Strong and Jon Jon about an upcoming double penetration and her self doubt is evident. The only way she could knock it out of the park would be if her black acquaintances transformed into her new interracial fuck buddies. Rico and Jon Jon seized the chance to spread open all of Skylar's holes for the sake of great interracial porn. Skylar wasn't fully prepared for the massive black dongs that Jon Jon and Rico were packing but she soon settled in. It wasn't too long before Skylar's windpipe was blocked by 2 black cocks that were easily 5 times the size of any white boy she's ever been with. Skylar's mouth soon gave temporary housing to the massive amounts of black meat in front of her and soon her nether regions would get blitzed. Each black bull took turns drilling her white pussy until her screams nearly knocked the painting from the wall. Several minutes of intense interracial sex lapsed before Skylar Price's body would be pushed to the limit.This stacked blond welcomed over a foot of black cock deep inside her sphincter as another went balls deep in her creamy slit. The gaping rectum of Skylar was soon the same diameter of her thigh and her stretched pussy would now be mission impossible for any white dudes. The latest addition to left Jon Jon and Rico so that she could get double penetrated like a champ. Actually, if you can take the blacks cocks we dish out then everything else is a cake walk.9
Mar 5th -

Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson Member Comments:
zzbill****: Very sexy lady. Would have loved to see her pretty face fucked more then cummed all over before she ate it all up.
rob837****: love to see you eat the cum. if you are a true BCS must do this.
mikego****: this is one hot lady.. Would have loved to see that pussy pounded by that huge black cock!
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Amber Simpson - Rating: 8.96
Amber Simpson Lusty teen Amber starts out in the laundry, then jumps up on the washing machine, whips out her shaved sweetness, and starts fingering her tuna taco while demanding a black dick. She continues to strip, and finger her cootchie when the black dude enters, and starts branding her with his Sharpie. Then she starts using her wet mouth on his dark member and the washer and dryer become their playground as they climb all over them while demonstrating cocksucking gymnastics. Amber finishes on her knees stroking his balls while he jacks off into her mouth, another load of laundry finished just right!10
Aug 7th -

Desiree Diamond
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Desiree Diamond - Rating: 8.83
Desiree Diamond caught Ace, her soon to be ex, messing around behind her back with yet another white girl. Ace has a history of dipping his black cock into the nether regions of white cunts. She was so furious that she gave the white girl a beating that no white girl has gotten since Nicole Brown Simpson. Desiree Diamond took a bus from downtown and took every white dick that was put in her path. She didn't care about the size and the only thing that mattered was that it was white and would eventually spray her face with milky goodness. Desiree has since kicked her boyfriend out, changed her locks, and took the rims off his car. 11
Mar 1st -

Amber Simpson
Amber Simpson Member Comments:
kattie****: I know the Glory hole is nasty, but i would really love to see the bottoms of her feet, while she sucks.
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Amber Simpson - Rating: 8.36
What can truly be said about Amber Simpson? Is she a barely legal slut that should have stayed home today? Is she the kind of girl you constantly imagine naked? Is Amber the kind of girl whose deep thought about interracial blowjobs lead her to the scummy part of town? The answer to all of the above is YES! Amber hopped on the bus to find herself in a bathroom that the health inspector has forgotten about. With her curly hair and toned body Amber had to see if the rumors were true about this putrid place. Using the toilet to rest her gorgeous as on Amber peeks through the hole wondering if any black cock might be on the other side. Her begging and pleading got her what she wanted and it soon took refuge in her mouth. Amber's mouth went up and down the sides of his shaft as if her mouth was a car wash and his dick was an Impala. Whoever he was, he gave her a jaw breaker and a face fucking that nearly made Amber lose her lunch. With her panties riding up her ass Amber sucked him until the cream filling of his balls splashed on her perfect rack.12
Jan 2nd - BehindTheScenes

Elektra Rose BTS
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Elektra Rose BTS - Rating: 0.00
After a nearly two year hiatus from adult video, Elektra Rose makes her return. What’s she been up to since she shot her last scene? Was she burned out or needing a change of pace? Elektra talks about where she went and why she wanted to return to making smut. Was she recognized in public during her return to civilian life? Next, Sean Michaels meets Elektra and we go over her limits for today’s interracial scene. Going along with today’s storyline of Elektra playing a waitress, did she have customer service jobs after porn? Eddie Jaye chimes in and tells a personal horror story from his time dealing with the public. And what does Elektra think about returning to the Dogfart Network for her first gang bang scene? After the wrap, we all agree Elektra’s first interracial gang bang will be the stuff of legends. What did she think of taking two cream pies, a facial and two pop shots down her throat? We follow Elektra to the bathroom, where she discusses her relationship with a non-porn guy during her time away from porn. Did her know about her scenes? If so, how did he react to it all?13
Dec 31st -

Nichol Jules
Nichol Jules Member Comments:
Alohaa****: 1st time....not bad. Almost too comfortable! Why isn't she fucked though. Need more scenes where it appears the girl doesn't know she's gonna be written on.
skeeta****: What a good black dick sucker! I like when she rubs it all over her face. Interracial Blowbang her!
bigbla****: No actual fucking? Come on... And why did you guys bring in that other nasty ming hag to ruin the scene?
stankl****: Nice Nicole needs to graduate to full set with two cocks. Please contract more next door wife natural looking women.
zzbeas****: Bitches need to swallow that manpaste.
q2345t****: Nichol Brazzel is really beautiful! She needs to be InterracialBlowBanged!
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Nichol Jules - Rating: 9.05
Nichol Jules We have a double first in this week's update...First porn scene, and first black dick for a hot Southern girl from Tennessee. After he breaks out his trusty Sharpie and writes all over her hot naked flesh, she jumps right in and eagerly starts to devour his hard black meatpole. She's so hot for the niggah dick, she almost sucks the skin right off of it! Off camera, her blonde girlfriend is watching, and soon she is drawn in, and the brutha gets the awesome treat of 2 hot white chicks sucking like a pair of Hoovers on his throbbing choad! They takes turns sucking dick and nuts, and Nichol goes for the gold, (or is it white?) and takes the full blast into her gaping piehole! Her blond accomplice moves in and licks the excess off of her face and they share the load to finish out this scorcher!14
Dec 26th - BehindTheScenes

Keisha Grey BTS
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Keisha Grey BTS - Rating: 0.00
Keisha Grey, the busty brunette, makes her long-awaited return to the Dogfart Network! What’s Keisha been up to since we last saw her? We discuss how the most phenomenal ass in porn stays humble in adult video. Have there been any times where new performers look to Keisha for advice? We bring in co-star Davin King to the interview. Davin shocks Keisha with some recent stories from her personal sex life. Cuckolding and fucking a mother and daughter (while the husband watches) is all that’s needed to make Keisha’s jaw drop. And what does Keisha Grey think about doing her first scene with Davin? Dogfart director Billy Watson chimes in with some questions of his own. After the wrap, we follow that ass to the shower! Keisha's still in shock of the size of Davin’s black cock. He joins the conversation and nearly blushes when Keisha goes on and on over the size of his third leg. What did Keisha think of today’s scene? And what feedback has she received from her other scenes on our network? 15
Dec 19th - BehindTheScenes

Sarah Vandella BTS
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Sarah Vandella BTS - Rating: 0.00
How has Sarah Vandella managed to remain relevant in this revolving door industry known as porn? The porn veteran of 10+ years makes her return to the Dogfart Network, and all her holes are on the menu. Sarah discusses how she broke into the industry -- and whether or not she can spot if a girl has a future in the business. Has Sarah ever worked on a shoot where her instinct told her that her co-star would eventually burn and fizzle out? And can Sarah Vandella see herself mentoring any of the new crop of female talent that we see on a weekly basis? Next, Sarah talks about how she's going to knock it out of the park with today's interracial gangbang scene. We wrap this afternoon's gangbang scene with Sarah Vanella by talking to new male talent, Derek Davis. Today was Derek's first scene ever and his confidence, no joke, is pretty high. Can you blame him? His first time on set was with legendary Sarah Vandella! Fellow co-stars Ricky Johnson, Slim Poke, Chris Cock, and John Long all give Derek some pointers on how to have a lengthy porn career. 16
Dec 12th - BehindTheScenes

Abella Danger BTS
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Abella Danger BTS - Rating: 10.00
With one of the best asses in the business, it's no shock Abella Danger has become a favorite on the Dogfart Network. What's the Anal Queen have to say prior to her interracial anal scene with our newest Bull, Davin King? After an amazing twerk session, Abella gives co-star Davin King some pointers on how to remain relevant and work consistently in adult video. What are some of the mistakes that new guys have made that turned off Abella? How can Davin keep getting booked with some of the hottest talent that porn has to offer? Both performers cozy up, right before Abella's ass feels every inch of Davin's massive black cock. Abella Danger's return to our network of sites wouldn't be complete without the post-scene interview. After swallowing a mouthful of Davin's seed, she discusses how she broke into the industry. Who was her performer boyfriend that begged and pleaded with Abella to do scenes him? Abella Danger discusses going to her boyfriend's sets in order to get a better understanding of how an adult video shoot runs. And what did Abella Danger think about her interracial anal scene today? Ms. Danger gives her thoughts on whether or not she considers herself a "porn star". She then showers off while going into further detail about her early start in adult video. And of course we get some more shower twerking! 17
Dec 10th -

Amanda Bell
Amanda Bell Member Comments:
dashan****: I agree.. Would you be my big sister please!
bwchol****: there is on true ONE blackcock slut!! Ruth Blackwell, luv you baby!!
caroli****: my kind of sluts
Creamp****: Ruth must take more creampies in the future!! The last one is a long time ago... Give us more creampies in your sweet pussy Ruth!!
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Amanda Bell - Rating: 9.29
Amanda is a blonde slut with blue eyes and tits that are perfect. She lost points when she told me that she's never been with a black man. I made a call and had Byron Long and his fat black cock come over for some good times. I quickly had her pussy open wide and she moaned so loud it shook the walls. I'm a greedy black cock slut so I had to have some of that mighty black cock since interracial sex is the only one I know of. We took turns bouncing up and down on his cock until the load came out full blast. Amanda did so well that she's now babysitting my black baby as I go on my nightly prowl for huge black dicks.18
Dec 10th -

Bonnie Heart
Bonnie Heart Member Comments:
Passio****: nice scene, what is the guys name? He is very hot ?
chritr****: nice
blacks****: this site was not bad... bring it back with hotter girls and don't write on their face....
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Bonnie Heart - Rating: 8.91
Bonnie Heart The British are cumming! They will be soon enough, anyway. Slim, very white, blonde, Bonnie Heart is in America for one reason, to get her share of black meat. She gets naked, suitably marked, then starts showing how much she likes to suck off a big black stranger. The scene progresses to her flat on her back, getting her pussy fingered while her mouth is fucked like a bitch in heat. She gets into this so much that she sucks this dude off, he blasts hot jizz into her mouth and she swallows it like it's her medicine...more like it's her drug of choice! 19
Dec 5th - BehindTheScenes

Katrina Jade & Leya Falcon BTS
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Katrina Jade & Leya Falcon BTS - Rating: 10.00
What happens when you bring together two of the biggest black cock sluts in the business? You get a Dogfart Network scene that’ll be talked about for years! We spoke to Leya Falcon as co-star Katrina Jade was in hair and makeup. You'll first learn about a person in Leya's life she refers to as “It”. What's It? And what was “It” prior to becoming Princess Leya’s personal slave? Leya is the real deal; she has legitimate guys on social media wanting to serve her every whim. Ms. Falcon talks about the various things she’s acquired from her slave’s deep pockets. How did she meet her slave, and what was his first gift? Leya also talks about what she’s been up to since her last appearance on the Dogfart Network. By the way, we’re giving you the Dogfart debut of black swordsman Davin King. While getting better acquainted with Ms. Jade, Davin discovers what’s off limits for today's Interracial threesome: it’s not much. We also play catch up with the black cock slut known as Katrina Jade. Oh, did we forget to mention that’s her husband used to arrange for strangers to fuck her? Katrina goes into detail about “secret trains” that were run on her. After the wrap, the look of satisfaction on Mr. King’s Face says it all! What did he think of his first scene for Dogfart? We end our day by having Davin King share his thoughts about Leya’s welcoming shit pipe!20
Dec 3rd -

Fayth Deluca
Fayth Deluca Member Comments:
bbcque****: what about the bob shoot
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Fayth Deluca - Rating: 8.82
Fayth Deluca is another blonde slut who is weary of black dick. Can you blame her? Look at the dicks I've had inside me and you can see that it's intimidating at first but feels so good. Remember, I did have a black baby after a hot load shot right into me. Charlie Mac is of omy my many thug fuck buddies and hopped into his low rider the moment Itold him I had Fayth Deluca over. Once he came by her tongue was deep in my ass while his footlong cock was ravaging my white pussy. I was hoping for a creampie today but we did the next best thing as Charlie's cock exploded on both our faces. Fayth has been blowing up his cell phone ever since she got her first taste of black cock.21
Nov 28th - BehindTheScenes

Bella Jane BTS
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Bella Jane BTS - Rating: 8.50
Bella Jane, who loves referring to herself as "BJ" (can you guess why?), brings both her oral and fucking skills to the Dogfart Network. Is it her first on-camera gang bang? Yup...and only after only a couple of scenes under her belt!! We spoke to the blowjob-addicted slut prior to her Dogfart debut: When did the dirty blonde discover her love of sucking cock? And how did she decide on Bell Jane as her performer name? We continue to dive deep into Bella's blowjob history-- and it's pretty fucking deviant. What does Bella Jane think about doing her first gang bang scene? After taking a cream pie and swallowing several loads, Bella Jane gets high praise from Dogfart director Billy Watson. Bella gets some sound advice from our director on how to maintain a lengthy career in adult video. Will she heed his words? Next we follow Bella Jane into the shower. B.J gives two amazing stories on where she's given public blow jobs. Actually, one blowjob encounter was extremely beneficial to her. Should we bring her back for a return engagement? 22
Nov 21st - BehindTheScenes

Quinn Wilde BTS
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Quinn Wilde BTS - Rating: 10.00
Before she makes her Dogfart Network debut, Quinn Wilde opens up about her history of being slutty. High School? Yup, she was getting down and dirty long before she signed up to do adult video. Quinn discusses how she has an infatuation with older men and when it began. Did Quinn always know adult video would be a great way to put food on the table? Miss Wilde then talks about the excitement that comes with taking on Mandingo for the first time. What did she hear about the legendary cocksman? And before the main event begins, Quinn discusses why she's a "nerd" and the hobbies she dives into when not performing on camera. Oh, and what famous NFL team does she love? After we wrap a terrific scene, we follow Quinn Wilde to the shower, where she gives a rundown of what just happened. Is she surprised she can walk after taking all that black meat? The topic of booty calls is next. How does a guy get on her "booty call application list"? What gives a guy extra points when it comes to basically locking in some pussy from Quinn? And what sites on our network is Quinn Wilde ready to tackle next?23
Nov 14th - BehindTheScenes

BlacksOnBlondes Bts Brooklyn Chase 6
BlacksOnBlondes Bts Brooklyn Chase 6 Member Comments:
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BlacksOnBlondes Bts Brooklyn Chase 6 - Rating: 9.50
The Dogfart Network hall of fame would certainly have Brooklyn Chase as an inductee. With over a dozen appearances on our network, Brooklyn Chase returns for an interracial gang bang -- and she's opening up her ass for the first time!! While Brooklyn gets her hair and makeup done, we talk to Jon Jon, Ricky Johnson and Isiah Maxwell about what it takes to be reliable male talent. How difficult can it be for a guy to drop his pants on set for the first time? The three male performers give their own tips and tricks on how they've managed to continued to get booked when other guys seem to be extremely forgettable. Later, Ms. Chase and Rico Strong meet. The topic of social media fans comes up and whether (or not) they can seem demanding of a performer's time. Rico and Brooklyn discuss proper etiquette when it comes to how to approach them on social media. And how many followers is Brooklyn Chase up to these days? After the wrap, a cream pie oozing out of her pussy and several cumshots all over her face and body, Brooklyn Chase talks to us after her interracial anal gang bang. What did she think prior to the scene? Was she nervous? Excited? Brooklyn continues on the topic of porn professionalism and whether or not she can spot if a new girl will have porn longevity. Were there instances when Brooklyn Chase was spot on when she predicted a porn performer's future? We get Brooklyn in the shower, where Ricky Johnson, Jax Slayher and Rico Strong toss out questions of their own!24
Nov 7th - BehindTheScenes

Chloe Scott BTS
Chloe Scott BTS Member Comments:
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Chloe Scott BTS - Rating: 9.67
Social media fans went crazy over the possibility of Chloe Scott making her Dogfart Network debut -- and it finally happened! With just under nine months in the industry, Chloe Scott brings her sexual arsenal to our network. How was Chloe paying the bills this same time last year? Ms. Scott talks about what brought her to having sex under hot lights. How was her ex-boyfriend a factor in how she decided to get into adult video? And what does think about finally getting her hands on Flash Brown? Next, a meeting between Flash and Chloe takes place prior to their interracial scene. Chloe informs Flash as to what she's cool with and what's off limits. Chloe's curiosity on Flash's size gets the better of her when she asks to see what he's packing. Chloe Scott sucks inn Flash's big black cock moments before Dogfart director Billy Watson calls them to set. A brief break in action sees Chloe getting asked if she knows about another site on our network-- TheMinion! Chloe gets the lowdown on what that site entailed and what went into shooting it. The Minion, who's on set today, tosses some questions Chloe's way. Moments after swallowing Flash Brown's load, Chloe Scott talks about what just went down. How did she feel about taking every inch of Flash's meat? Is an interracial anal scene in her future? What's the most amount of guys she'll take on for a gang bang?25
Oct 31st - BehindTheScenes

Riley Reid & Melissa Moore BTS
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Riley Reid & Melissa Moore BTS - Rating: 10.00
The interracial threesome scene with Riley Reid, Melissa Moore and Flash Brown wasn't put together over night. What exactly happened when we got two of the top performers with a massive black cock? Riley begins this afternoon's interview by discussing if she's become a different person than the one who entered adult video seven years ago. Why has her work ethic continued to grow when other ladies in our industry blow through their earnings? How does Ms. Reid cope with the fame that being in pornography brings? We then find the girls taking selfies. How often does Melissa get confused with Riley... and vice versa? Melissa talks about how soon it was after getting her model photos that the internet blew up with comparing the looks of the two? And how badly does Melissa want to suck Flash's black dick directly out of Riley's ass? And if these walls could talk, they'd say that we hit another one out of the park. With sweat dripping of of Flash, he talks about what it was like stuffing Riley Reid's backdoor. Melissa Moore adds her two cents, along with her messy face, and discusses how both ladies finally got to shoot with Flash. How did Riley's ass hold up to all the black meat that took occupancy inside? What do Riley and Melissa feel is next on their porn careers?26
Oct 24th - BehindTheScenes

Giselle Palmer BTS
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Giselle Palmer BTS - Rating: 10.00
The amazing rack you're gazing at belongs to Giselle Palmer. The busty performer returns to the Dogfart Network in hopes of getting Prince Yahshua jammed up her booty. We find Giselle in the bathroom getting ready for today's interracial anal scene. How did she find herself doing naughty things in front of a camera? Was there initial hesitation prior to entering adult video? We then discuss any feedback Giselle's received from appearing in other sites in our network. Did her fans go crazy for her time with a random black dick in the glory hole? How about when she got dicked down for Interracial Pickups? We ask Giselle Palmer whether or not she sees an end game when it comes to her time performing on camera. And what did she do to prepare for today's anal scene with Prince? The hot water running down Giselle's immaculate body is the sign that we've shot another Dogfart classic. The topic of porn agents comes up and she has an extremely reliable one: Mark Spiegler. Giselle takes us through the process of becoming a Spiegler girl and what's expected of his roster of talent. In the few months that's she's been a porn star, does Giselle Palmer feel that she's reached a point where she's famous? Prince joins the conversation and gives his co-star high praise. Giselle Palmer is a definite keeper! 27
Oct 17th - BehindTheScenes

Lily Rader BTS
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Lily Rader BTS - Rating: 10.00
Every porn starlet worked some sort of "regular" job prior to entering the adult film industry -- and Lily Rader is no exception. Lily makes her Dogfart Network debut by setting a personal record...something she's quite happy about! Before we meet The Bulls on set, Lily talks about some horrific moments she endured while working in a restaurant. From customers who complained about the temperature of their soup to those who had an obsession with her, Lily Rader has her fair share of interesting stories! Lily also discusses other motivations leading her into adult video. We then find out that Lily and her boyfriend lead an extremely peculiar relationship. What exactly are the details of their love? And soon Lily's in the bathroom, where she's moments away from getting railed by Jax Slayher, Rico Strong and Mandingo. What's going through her mind as she's dolling herself up? Jax enters the bathroom and gets the lowdown on what Lily's limits are. Dogfart director Billy Watson crashes the interview and asks Lily some questions of his own. After we wrap, and with a face completely destroyed by three loads of cum, Lily Rader made quite a first impression. So we dove deeper into the mind of this black cock slut. Was she surprised her first time with three guys went as smoothly as it did? And one again the topic of the deviant things she does with her boyfriend comes up. Would he approve of Lily Rader's interracial massacre here on our network of sites?28
Oct 10th - BehindTheScenes

Jenna Marie BTS
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Jenna Marie BTS - Rating: 10.00
From retail work to being a webcam model, Jenna Marie has seen her fair share of interesting individuals. She goes into great detail about how she made the transition from toasting bagels to getting down and dirty on camera. We brought in the Chicago native to live out her fantasy: an all-out interracial gangbang complete with creampies. Yes, that's more than one black man filling her insides with creamy goodness. How excited is Jenna Marie? And how has she managed to remain in the industry after three years when most girls can't last three months? We catch Jenna going through her wardrobe prior to five guys getting their hands on her. Was there a point in her career that she thought of calling it quits? Ricky Johnson jumps into the interview and asks her why she prefers over facials and swallowing. Jenna , with feedback from director Billy Watson, finally selects what she's going to wear today. After getting completely filled with cum, Jenna Marie's smile simply can not be wiped off her face. What did she think of her first gangbang scene? Was she always addicted to black dick? We get an extreme closeup of her cum-soaked panties while she washes off her face. And how does she decided whether or not she'll take a guy's load inside her?29
Oct 3rd - BehindTheScenes

Carmen Valentina BTS
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Carmen Valentina BTS - Rating: 9.67
Some girls wanted to be in the medical field when they were younger, others in the legal profession. Carmen Valentina knew she wanted to pay the bills via sucking and fucking on camera. Carmen has 8 years of performing on her porn resume, so why is she only now doing her first gangbang scene? We spoke to the performer who has nearly 400,000 twitter followers. How did Carmen find herself in front of a camera and crew of porn folks over 8 years ago? Upon talking to Ms. Valentina, we discover her other talents when she's not getting down and dirty for your viewing pleasure. Next we find Carmen in the bathroom dolling herself up for the crew of five eager black guys. For those of you wondering how to approach her in public, Carmen gives you some helpful pointers of etiquette when it comes to encountering her in public. The doubt as to whether Carmen Valentina in a filthy hit quickly gets erased while she writes out the Dogfart sign. While one hand gets creative, the other gives Eddie Jaye a handjob. What's going through her mind moments before her first interracial gangbang scene? After the wrap, the mess on Carmen's face and cunt can only mean that her Dogfart debut was nothing short of amazing. What did super vet Sean Michaels tell her that nearly had Carmen blushing on set? While in the shower, Carmen gives us a twerking show while talking about what just went down. What did she think about the creampies unleashed inside her? There's little doubt that Carmen Valentina will have a return engagement on our network of sites.30
Sep 26th - BehindTheScenes

Nikki Delano BTS
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Nikki Delano BTS - Rating: 10.00
If you didn't know any better, you'd think we're in love with busty blonde Nikki Delano -- and you're correct. Nikki's third appearance on the Dogfart Network sees her doing her first 2 on interracial scene! Before the mayhem begins, we catch Nikki relaxing poolside. Why did it take her a while for this milestone scene? Nikki also discusses her love of verbal domination -- which you'll see over at Cuckold Sessions! We then catch Ms. Delano admiring herself on the mirror. After some brief chit-chat, we introduce her to co-star Lexington Steele. How have both veteran performers managed to remain relevant and working in an industry that has a revolving door of new talent? How often does Lex get hit up by guys looking to break in? How often do no-name guys ask Nikki to work with her? Lex and Nikki give more insight into the adult film industry while Rico Strong joins the show. Rico also gives his thoughts on why new guys constantly fail on set. Then, with two loads of jizz covering her face, Nikki gives thumbs up to another Dogfart classic. What was it like finally getting two black guys at once? Does she see an interracial gangbang in her future? Lexington Steele looks on while Nikki Delano talks about actual security that has had to accompany her on dancing gigs. How badly did they fuck up? Were any of her fans at the clubs a bit overzealous?31
Sep 19th - BehindTheScenes

Haley Reed BTS
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Haley Reed BTS - Rating: 8.75
We got Haley Reed in the house for her first ever interracial creampie! Oh, and the lucky guy filling her insides with spunk just happens to be the legendary Lexington Steele. What's going through her mind prior to the scene? We asked Haley about whether or not her social media followers spoil her. And does she also have an army of cuckolds like other female talent claim to have? We then talk about how she broke into the adult film industry. Dogfart director Billy Watson, during a brief break in action, gets an up close look at the stems on Haley Reed. Can you guess her shoe size? And what's she thinking of the progress of today's interracial scene? We end Haley Reed's return to our network with the obligatory bathroom interview. Haley tells an interesting story on an incident in which she wasn't sure a dude blew his load inside her. And why is the creampie her preferred method of taking a cumshot? We find Lexington Steele getting ready to leave, but not before asking him what he though of Haley's head and pussy game. We end our day with Haley Reed relieving herself on the shower. And you won't believe your ears when she tells a tale regarding a friend and public urination!!32
Sep 12th - BehindTheScenes

Dolly Leigh BTS
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Dolly Leigh BTS - Rating: 8.33
Don't let her shy demeanor fool you. Dolly Leigh is as freaky as they come! But, was she always a sexual fiend? How many sexual partners did she have before making the jump into adult video? Dolly makes her Dogfart Network debut by taking on Flash Brown, and the mayhem that went down before the scene is gonna leave a lasting impression. The busty performer talks about her love of other women and her preferred method of scoring pussy on the side. We soon find Ms. Leigh going through her wardrobe as Flash Brown arrives on the scene. Dolly shows off her pre-scene exercise regimen while Flash looks on. Does she stretch when she's not fucking on camera? And is there a former lover who knows what she does for a living? Dolly lets us watch as she goes to town on her pussy, courtesy of her favorite vibrator. She also tells us about her love of comic books and heavy metal while her pussy gets wetter and wetter by the second. After the wrap and with Flash Brown's spunk still dripping covering her face, Dolly Leigh checks herself out in out camera's viewfinder. We follow her to the shower, where she talks about a recent encounter in public with a couple of female fans. The shower steams up as that flawless body gets cleaned off after her interracial scene. We have a sneaking suspicion she'll be back on our network.33
Sep 10th -

Alyssa Jordan
Alyssa Jordan Member Comments:
rahatl****: ohh. i wod love to eat ruthes pussy out there..
fantas****: love watchin pretty white girls with big black dick in their mouth
miniso****: I wish they show more of Erin Moore she was the hottest girl ever with the best ass ever back in the day, but love to see more of her on the pics. miss that ass and asshole.
pourvo****: I love alyssa jordan.. thank you for doing another scene with her! more!!!
tnvols****: Alyssa is the cutest little black cock slut around!!
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Alyssa Jordan - Rating: 8.91
Look at this hot little bitch. What a fucking hot slut. Her blonde little pigtails & braces are fucking hot. She's so tiny, Byron Long's would barely fit in her teeny-tiny mouth. She was choking and gagging the whole time. Getting it into her tiny pussy was even harder, but she was so hot for it she creamed all over his cock so it slid in very nicely. Byron shot his black jizz into a cup and I spoon-fed it to sweet little Alyssa. 34
Sep 5th -

Jessica Jones
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Jessica Jones - Rating: 8.86
Jessica Jones is a VLOG'er. If you don't know what that means, welcome to the 21st Century! Jessica creates "video blogs" for her fans. They love her "channel", mainly because Jessica is a hot blonde with nice tits and a beautiful ass, and she loves to show them off. Her fans also love The Jessica Jones Channel because she interviews porn stars. Not just any porn stars. She goes after the "black male talent" in the porno biz. She finds them fascinating! She also loves the "BBC". Think of Jessica as a "groupie" who chases the biggest, blackest cocks. Enter Lexington Steele. She's booked today's interview with one the the legends of the adult industry, and sure enough...a few minutes in, Jessica is sucking Lex's massive tool. Doesn't take long for Lex to get her in bed, where he pounds Jessica's 19-year-old cunt until he dumps a massive load deep into her fertile womb. Jessica's admissions at the very end of their "fuck sesh" are shocking!! 35
Sep 5th - BehindTheScenes

Jessica Jones BTS
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Jessica Jones BTS - Rating: 8.33
Jessica Jones makes her Dogfart Network debut by telling us why it was inevitable she entered the adult film business. The slutty 19-year-old talks to us about the number of times she expects to have sex on a daily basis. Has she ever tired a guy out? Jessica then goes into detail about other deviant sexual acts prior to getting down and dirty in front of a camera. And what does she think about working with Lexington Steele? We the catch Ms. Jones on set going over some of today's dialogue. Did she have a prior acting background? Lexington Steele joins the interview and asks her some questions of his own. We also come to find out Jessica is no stranger to black dick. When did she get her first sampling of the dark meat? After Jessica's scene, we get her thoughts on working with an AVN Hall of Famer, and how did Lexington describe her pussy? And finally, what Dogfart sites does she want to be booked for next?!36
Sep 3rd -

Alexis Fawx
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Alexis Fawx - Rating: 8.81
Alexis Fawx is happily married to a cuckold. She loves him very much. He's an earner, and he freely gives Alexis what she desires most: big, black cock. They're both very much into the cuckold lifestyle. Alexis and Hubby will go as far as cooking up schemes in order to turn their fantasies into reality. Take today, for example. Hubby has hired a crew to "fix" a wiring problem with the house. While we all know there's no problem, the happy couple have now landed a work crew consisting of three, Black Bulls in their home. So why not send Alexis up to flirt and send a message to The Bulls? In fact, the happy couple get so horny, they can't hold back: Alexis has Hubby put on the condom while saying, "you know I still won't bareback a white boy, dear!" Which is when The Bulls catch them in their always-awkward sexual activities. What else for The Bulls to do but takeover? Soon, there's nearly 36" of "BBC" railing Alexis - both mouth and cunt. At one point her orgasms are so intense she squirts, multiple times, all over Hubby. "But don't take that condom off!" Alexis demands. "I don't want your mess all over our couch!" Shortly after, the first Bull pops in her cunt, which is perfect for Hubby -- he loves his cream pie treat! The next two Bulls frost Alexis's beautiful blonde face! As the old saying goes, "happy wife, happy life!" 37
Sep 2nd -

Huge Black Cocks
Huge Black Cocks Member Comments:
funngu****: Barb, I'm in Nashville and would love to meet you for dinner, and talk about you, your life, your movies, and maybe you cuckolding me for BBC and Black Babies with a white guy.
go2kid****: Barb seems to have lost her passion. She's just going through the motions.
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Huge Black Cocks - Rating: 8.92
I've been working my cunt to the max. Day in and day out I fuck black dick from all walks of life. Lately Jason Brown's dick has been one of my favorites.It's nearly a foot long and he knows how to use it which is more than I can say for the pathetic white boys I've dealt with. You might know him from which I love since it's the biggest interracial sex site out there. I quickly got his number and called him over to see if he was down for being the father of my baby. I guess my southern pussy is too damn good because he lost control and popped early which made me mad inside. Luckily the guys who carry around those insanely huge black cocks heard about me and one quickly came over to donate his extra ball batter.Prodigy's length black cock made this black cock slut more than happy as he drained his balls on the perfect target:my cervix. 2 huge loads in one day! It's good to be Barb Cummings.38
Aug 29th - BehindTheScenes

Abella Danger & Cherie Deville BTS
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Abella Danger & Cherie Deville BTS - Rating: 8.33
Abella Danger and Cherie Deville have never shared a black cock -- until today! Before Prince Yashua was given unrestricted access to all their holes, Cherie DeVille and Abella Danger take control of today's behind-the-scenes shooting. Both performers, while wearing their Dogfart shirts, discuss a plethora of topics. What does each girl think of other performers who ask for online donations for non-emergency items? Do either Abella or Cherie have constant offers for "pay pigs"? Next, Abella Danger asks Cherie Deville to show off her amazing ass in order for the interview to go forward. Prince Yahshua eventually joins the interview by asking questions of his own. We conclude today's interracial anal threesome by getting post-game thoughts from all three performers. With applause from director Billy Watson, Ms. Deville catches her breathe and is giving her pussy "a rest". We find Abella Danger vaping and get her thoughts on what Prince did to her ass. Cherie informs us she found out about her booking barely 24 hours prior. And what did Prince Yahshua have to say while Cherie was drying off? We end our day with Cherie DeVille winking at the camera -- and it wasn't with her eye!39
Aug 22nd -

Hadley Viscara
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Hadley Viscara - Rating: 9.35
She's blonde. She's busty. She's a brand new starlet. She's Hadley Viscara, and she's making her debut on the Dogfart Network by taking on the one -- and only -- Mandingo! "What is that...15 inches?" Hadley gasps, pulling Mandingo's massive hard-on out of his shorts? She looks up at Dingo and tries, in earnest, to get her mouth completely over his dick head...and barely makes it. What started out with Hadley being concerned about "taking it all" turns into a genuine, multi-orgasmic experience she'll never forget. After witnessing this scene, you won't forget it, either! 40
Aug 22nd - BehindTheScenes

Hadley Viscara BTS
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Hadley Viscara BTS - Rating: 9.00
With only a few months of performing under her belt, Hadley Viscara made the huge leap by taking a booking with the legendary Mandingo. How did Hadley find herself sucking and fucking on camera? We spoke to the busty blonde about whether (or not) she had a dirty lifestyle prior to entering adult video. And what is she expecting from Mandingo? Hadley's good friend, Kenzie Taylor, also had a fantastic time with Mandingo. Did Kenzie give her any advice and/or words of encouragement on how to take the biggest dick in porn? After the wrap -- and with Mandingo's jizz splashed all over her -- Hadley Viscara's Dogfart Network debut was a tremendous success! Director Billy Watson tosses a question Hadley's way: how did she think she fared with the legendary swordsman? We get her in the shower, where she discusses how she thinks her porn career will eventually unfold. What other sites on our network would you love to see her in? Do you think we can convince her to give us her first interracial gang bang?41
Aug 15th -

Piper Perri
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Piper Perri - Rating: 9.46
Welcome to round two of Piper Perri (the tiniest girl in porn) vs. Mandingo (the King of Interracial). If you don't recall round one, stop now and log in to Blacks on Blondes' sister site, Watching My Mom Go Black. It was there Piper and her mom took on Mandingo, and the fans loved it. But they wanted Piper, on her own, take on the Legendary Bull. You're about to witness all 4 foot 10, 85-pound Piper take on 13" of of thick, heavy black cock. That's right -- heavy. And tiny Piper gives "Dingo" a run for his money, taking it all to the base before unloading all over Ms. Perri's pretty, blonde face. This scene is a must-watch!! 42
Aug 15th - BehindTheScenes

Piper Perri BTS
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Piper Perri BTS - Rating: 9.00
Piper Perri -- our favorite "spinner" -- is back! How has tiny Piper managed to remain relevant after nearly three years in adult video? We find Piper going through today's potential wardrobe selection prior to her interracial scene with the very-well endowed Mandingo. What percentage of her clothing was purchased by her army of fans? What size shoe does she wear, and what are her favorite brands? We then follow Piper to the kitchen, where she asks Mandingo and Billy Watson for ideas on what to write on the infamous Dogfart sign. Next, how does she feel about getting Mandingo all to herself? After all, the last time she got the legendary black swordsman, super-cougar Alura Jenson was also in the scene. Is Piper Perri nervous about getting all of Mandingo for herself? And after the wrap, we find Ms. Perri wiping off the huge mess Mandingo left all over her face. How did she think she fared for round two? Is she sore from taking all that black meat in her tight pussy? We also go back to the scene she shot with Alura Jenson and what type of feedback her fans threw her way. And what does Piper Perri think the reviews will be once this scene with Mandingo sees the light of day?43
Aug 14th -

Piper Perri & Sierra Nicole
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Piper Perri & Sierra Nicole - Rating: 8.86
It's Sierra Nicole's birthday, and her "bestie", Piper Perri, has some big plans for their day! It'll start with a surprise! A big one! "Where are we?!" Sierra says in disbelief, as petite Piper drags her into an adult bookstore! Once inside, Piper has plans: get Sierra back to the arcade, where the private video booths play dirty movies. Once inside, Piper, who's been "really into girls" lately, jumps Sierra's bones! But Piper has bigger plans. Much bigger. As in BBC. So, when a small white dick comes through "the hole", the girls don't know whether to use the white pee-pee as a shoe hanger...or just leave and go find something else to do. Which is when Piper's "big" surprise pops through the second hole!! Watch two blonde Snowbunnies, with glee and delight, work the BBC while humiliating the white boy. In the end, Sierra jerks a wad into Piper's eager mouth, before Piper swaps the jizz load with Sierra. Happy birthday, Slutty!! 44
Aug 8th -

Sierra Nicole
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Sierra Nicole - Rating: 8.98
Sierra Nicole loves interracial porn as much as you. Just look at her! Jerking off in the front room to a Blacks on Blondes scene starring the one -- and only -- Mandingo! Sierra has big black cock on her mind daily, and today she's about to take it to a whole new level. Forget the 13" black dildos strewn about the room. How about The Real Deal?!? Just look at the expression on Sierra's face when "Dingo" enters the room. His cock is the kind of thing that makes a girl's jaw drop. Wide. Just so she can get the head in her mouth...which is about all that fits.It doesn't take long for Mandingo to get Sierra head-down and ass-up, which is the first position he takes her pink, wet cunt. Sure, she's stretched beyond anything she's felt before, and it takes her breath away. Watch how Sierra cleans her cum off Dingo's thick, black meat, over and over, before she drops to her knees to take his sticky jizz all over her beautiful. pale-white skin. Then what? How about grind out another leg-shaking orgasm before cleaning up?45
Aug 8th - BehindTheScenes

Sierra Nicole BTS
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Sierra Nicole BTS - Rating: 8.20
Sierra Nicole hails from the great northeast part of the country. We spoke to an excited Sierra about what brought her into the adult film industry. Did her upbringing in Vermont contribute to leading her into adult video? And how did her childhood friends react to the news? How big, if any, was the backlash? Next, we discuss taking on the legendary Mandingo. Does Sierra think she can withstand every inch of Mandingo Meat? And what has she heard about the man who was blessed with "a third leg"?'s a wrap! Watch as Sierra continues to shake and tremble from the aftermath of a good, old-fashioned dick-down! What did she think of her scene? Did it surpass her expectations? We also touch on the previous day's trip she took to a gloryhole alongside Piper Perri. Does this now make her a black cock slut? In the shower, Sierra she talks about how her pussy is feeling after taking all that meat. She also discusses her "haters" and why she's going forward with her career. And finally, how does she feel about an interracial gang bang?46
Aug 1st - BehindTheScenes

Summer Day BTS
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Summer Day BTS - Rating: 8.20
It shouldn't come as a shock Summer Day is back on the Dogfart Network! Which of her previous scenes do our fans love most? Was it the time she did her first interracial scene? How about the time she took on three black dicks for Cuckold Sessions? Or could it be when she took strolled into an adult bookstore and discovered a glory hole? Ms. Day also gives us an update on her off-camera sex life, too! Has her "civilian boyfriend" been accepting of her career choice? And how did he find out how she earns her money? Next, was Summer Day a dirty girl before porn? Or did she let her inner-freak flag fly when she got into the industry? And what does she think about doing her first ever interracial gangbang this afternoon? We then find Summer on set, getting nice and cozy with some of her co-stars. What does Isiah Maxwell think of the beautiful blonde? Summer goes to Rico Strong, Slim Poke, Eddie Jaye and Jon Jon, telling them what's on and off limits for today's shoot. We wrap right after Summer takes five big cumshots to the face! While the splooge runs down her face, Summer talks about the carnage that just went down. How does she think she performed for this future classic Dogfart Network release? We end Summer's day by discovering how she plans on returning to our network of sites -- and how many guys she wants booked!!47
Jul 25th - BehindTheScenes

Amber Ivy BTS
Amber Ivy BTS Member Comments:
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Amber Ivy BTS - Rating: 8.60
How does a performer step up her game from her previous experience on the Dogfart Network? Answer: by having her first ever interracial gangbang, where all holes are on the menu! The last time you saw Amber Ivy, Mandingo was stretching out her cunt with his enormous BBC! The only logical step from there would be to wrangle up six black bulls to bang out all her holes!! Before the main event got underway, Amber talks about her desire to be the "Gangbang Queen." How many guys does she want for a future return engagement on our network? We also talk to Amber about finding her way into porn from her humble beginnings in the Midwest. It seems as if Amber Ivy couldn't wait for the green light for the scene to begin! While she's getting stuffed from both ends, Zelda Morrison drops by our set to take in the festivities. Zelda manages to toss Amber a few questions of her own, but she's too preoccupied with Ricky Johnson and Eddie Jaye giving her a pre-game fucking. This glimpse into what's to come can only show Ms. Ivy won't have a problem with this gangbang. Then, we wrap! Another day, another flawless Dogfart Network shoot. What did Amber think about her first interracial gangbang? Is she shocked the double penetration portion of the scene was effortless? How long has anal sex been in her repertoire? We follow Amber to the shower, where Ricky Johnson lathers up some of the greatest breasts we've ever seen! We end our day by talking to Zelda Morrison about what it was like being a fly on the wall for today's shoot. And while the pizza and buffalo wings are being consumed on set, we talk to Jon Jon and Nat Turner about the mayhem that just unfolded!!48
Jul 18th - BehindTheScenes

Cadence Lux & Riley Reyes BTS
Cadence Lux & Riley Reyes BTS Member Comments:
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Cadence Lux & Riley Reyes BTS - Rating: 8.71
Where do we begin the today's mayhem? How about the fact that Riley Reyes begins her interview by discussing a very public place where she lost her virginity! Riley makes her Dogfart Network debut by doing a boy/boy/girl/girl scene alongside Cadence Lux. And, making interracial porn history yet again, we pair up, for the very first time, two legends: Prince Yashua and Mandingo. We spend some time in the bathroom while Cadence Lux gets her hair and makeup done. What's she expecting for today's interracial scene? We then catch Riley outside getting cozy with Prince. We discuss how Riley is giving up the booty today and why she's finally making her debut on our network. Prince takes over the interview by asking Riley how she differentiates her performances from other girls in the industry. Prince Yashua adds that Riley Reyes set the bar high, and he knows she's not in the industry based only on the financial reasons. Next, we find Cadence Lux and Riley Reyes getting ready for their scene with Prince and Mandingo. We come to find out that both ladies are actual friends and jumped at the chance to work together. With a creampie still oozing out, Prince Yashua gives his seal of approval on another Dogfart network classic! We follow Cadence Lux to the bathroom, where she stumbles across the various butt plugs Riley used in preparation for day's festivities. Cadence steals some of Riley's gummy bears right before both ladies share the shower. Another day of extreme interracial fun ends when a twerking contest breaks out in the shower between Cadence and Riley.49
Jul 11th -

Zoey Laine
Zoey Laine Member Comments:
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Zoey Laine - Rating: 8.76
Zoey Laine might have the worst step-dad in history...and that's saying a lot! You probably remember the last time you watched her service multiple Black Bulls, over at Blacks on Blondes sister site, Watching My Daughter Go Black: her step-dad almost lost Zoey's dance studio due to his degenerate gambling! Well...he's done it again! And not only has he finally lost Zoey's dance studio, Zoey herself has wound up in a cage! It's official -- Zoey is now property of the Dogfart Crew! Zoey doesn't even seem to mind! Look at her give up her mouth and cunt and cums until she squirts! Zoey's a true submissive, and she loves it all! Whether she's paying off step-daddy's debt or being called derogatory names, Zoey wants more. And she gets it: bark bark little doggie! Time to lap up all the jizz before being led back to your cage!!50
Jul 11th - BehindTheScenes

Zoey Laine BTS
Zoey Laine BTS Member Comments:
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Zoey Laine BTS - Rating: 8.50
How could Zoey Laine outdo herself from her prior Dogfart Network encounter? How about adding more black cock for her consumption?!? Before the main event, Zoey writes out her Dogfart sign. What's she been up to since we last saw her over at Watching My Daughter Go Black? We also come to discover her entry into porn seemed inevitable. Why did her "normal" careers come to an end? When did she come to the conclusion that a career in adult video was the way to go? And to say Zoey Laine is a dirty girl might be the understatement of the year! From the cum dripping off her face, to the evil gleam in her eye, Ms. Laine knocked her huge interracial gangbang out of the stratosphere!! How long has she been requesting we put her back on camera with the Dogfart crew? Is there a limit on the number of black studs she wants at her disposal next time? And finally, how happy were the bulls after making her squirt from a pounding that showed no mercy?51
Jul 4th - BehindTheScenes

Natasha Starr BTS
Natasha Starr BTS Member Comments:
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Natasha Starr BTS - Rating: 7.50
Natasha Starr -- 'Polish Princess' -- is back on the Dogfart Network to knock out her first interracial gangbang scene! While Natasha writes her Dogfart sign, she talks about why she's doing a scene of this magnitude after five years in the industry. At what point did she decide to allow five of the biggest black cocks entry into all her holes? We then catch Ms. Starr outside smoking a cigarette in between photos and video. As she masturbates while smoking (!), Natasha talks about...the thought of having sex with a man with no legs!! No, we're not joking!!! Nat Turner, Moe the Monster, Isiah Maxwell and Sean Michaels all chime in and talk about the level of Natasha Starr's on-camera perversions. After the wrap, we catch Natasha cleaning off from another Dogfart Network classic. What did she think of the anal creampie Isiah Maxwell unleashed? Why does she love playing with jizz so much? We find Natasha in the shower , where she talks about walking in on her relatives fucking. Finally, does being Poland's most famous adult performer have its drawbacks? Perks?52